Summer Recipe Tips: Your kids will also like Kesar Badam Kulfi


Material :

1 cup finely chopped almonds

1 cup condensed milk

1 tbsp whole almonds

1 glass milk

8 tbsp cream

10 saffron threads


Keep the almonds soaked. After the almonds are soaked, you have to make a thick paste by whipping the cream and condensed milk well in a large vessel. After this, boil milk in a pan on low flame and add saffron to it. When the saffron mixes well with the milk and the milk boils, turn off the gas and keep it aside to cool.

Now you have to mix saffron milk with the paste and dry roast some whole almonds on low flame and then chop them finely. Put some of these almonds in the kulfi mixture and keep some for garnish. After this, you have to put the prepared mixture in the mold of Kulfi and keep it in the freeze by putting a lid.