Summer Makeup Tips: If makeup melts in summer, then follow these easy tips, and the perfect look will remain intact for hours!



In summer, when we wear makeup, patches start appearing due to sweating and the makeup gets spoiled. But if you want to keep your makeup to last for a long time, then we are telling you such tips by which you can get the perfect makeup look even in summer.

1. Moisturize the skin

Many people believe that it is not necessary to moisturize the skin in summer. In such a situation, they do not apply moisturizer and apply makeup directly. In such a situation, sweat starts appearing on the face quickly. But do not miss this step and apply a light moisturizer on the face.

2. Choose the right primer.

Applying primer on the face will make the makeup last longer. Actually, primer works to balance the extra oil of the skin. If your skin is oily then it is very important to apply primer.


pc: Glamour UK

3. Use a lightweight foundation.

Do not apply heavy foundation in summer. This can lock the pores of the skin and cause excessive sweating and makeup gets spoiled. Therefore choose a lightweight foundation.

4. Don't forget to set your makeup with powder. 

It is important to set your makeup with powder in the summer season. Use translucent powder to set the foundation and concealer.


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5. Apply waterproof makeup in summer.

Make-up will get spoiled due to sweating in the summer season, hence it is advisable to apply waterproof makeup. So that the makeup does not melt.