Summer: Increasing cases of deaths due to heat!


Heatwave Side Effects: It is necessary to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent deaths due to rising temperatures. Otherwise, the situation may worsen by 2050. Especially for those people who have fatal diseases like heart disease.


The increasing level of heat may not be a very serious matter for those who sit in AC all day long. But deaths due to scorching heat are becoming a matter of concern at the global level. Experts say that due to climate change, along with heat stroke, chronic diseases are also becoming more effective, as a result of which the number of deaths is increasing.

Increasing cases of deaths due to heat

According to experts from the National Program on Climate Change and Human Health (NPCC), there is an 85% increase in heat-related deaths between 2013 and 2022 compared to 1991 and 2000. If the Earth continues to warm at this rate and temperatures continue to rise, then it is estimated that by 2050, deaths due to heat worldwide may increase by about 370%.

Heat is a threat to health – study

According to a study conducted in Western America, if the daily normal temperature increases by 4.7 degrees Celsius during the summer season, the cases of cardiovascular i.e. heart attack can increase by 2.6%.

Doctors say – the data is incomplete!

Director of the Indian Institute of Public Health, Dr. Dilip Mavalankar, while talking to a newspaper, said that the data related to births and deaths in India is not systematic, due to which the exact number of deaths due to heat or cold is not known. Can walk. He said these deaths are often recorded as 'excess deaths', which reduces the actual number of heat-related deaths.

way to escape from the effects of heat

Go out of the house in the afternoon only when necessary. To avoid heat, use a fan or cooler, wear light and loose clothing, and keep the skin moist, use a spray bottle or damp sponge and take cool baths. Along with this, stay hydrated. On extremely hot days, drink water before you feel thirsty, especially if you are doing a lot of physical activity. Consume such seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. Apart from this, avoid eating too spicy and junk