Summer Drinks: Forget the tension of summer, these 7 drinks will keep you cool along with weight loss


Summer Drinks: The month of March has arrived and now summer is not far away. During the day the temperature has started crossing 25 and many times it is reaching 30 degrees. Given these things, it can be said that the summer season has started. In such a situation, this problem has come in front of the people who are engaged in weight loss, how to do it in the summer season. Keeping these things in mind, today we will tell you about those weight-loss drinks, which can be consumed in summer.


Cucumber water: Cucumber water is known for its cleansing, cooling and detoxifying properties. When it comes to refreshing summer drinks, a glass of cucumber water is the best. Cucumber water is good for health and helps in weight loss. Instead of drinking plain water, put some cucumber pieces in a glass of water and drink it.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk for summer is like tea for winter mornings. Buttermilk is a healthy drink and its biggest advantage is that it keeps the digestion process right. The bacteria present in it improve the microbiome of the intestine. Buttermilk can be consumed as it is or salt and spices can be added to it.

Fenugreek Water: Fenugreek water is a healthy way to start a summer morning. It helps in weight loss. It helps the body to absorb nutrients properly. For a healthy start, soak some fenugreek seeds in water. Take out the seeds in the morning and drink that water on an empty stomach.

Lemon and Mint Detox Water: Like cucumber water, lemon and mint detox water is a great way to start the morning. Mixing lemon and mint in normal water increases its taste and increases amount of nutrition. If you are on a weight loss mission, then including this in your daily life will keep your body hydrated and full of nutrients

Apple and Cinnamon Water: Nothing can go wrong with the combination of apple and cinnamon. Apple is rich in fibre and cinnamon is a great spice that naturally boosts your metabolism. That's why by mixing apple and cinnamon in water, the metabolism remains fine and the person's stomach also remains full for a long time.

Grapes water: Grapefruit can be the best in a weight loss diet. This sour fruit not only keeps the stomach healthy, but the taste of water also becomes tasty. It contains many nutrients, which give benefits to the body. All you have to do is put some grapes in the water bottle and drink it.


Orange water: Orange water is the best detox water that you can try this summer. It is rich in Vitamin C, boosts metabolism and costs almost nothing to prepare. It can be prepared by mixing orange slices in a water bottle.