Summer Drink: This refreshing drink will help in saving from heat stroke in summer, digestion will also be good


How To Make Masala Jeeru: If you get something cold to drink in summer, you immediately feel refreshed. With this, you get instant relief from the irritation caused by the heat. Along with this, your body also remains hydrated. Usually, people like to drink lemonade, juice, jaljeera or shake in summer. But have you ever tried Masala Jeero? If not, then today we have brought you the recipe for making Masala Jeeru. These are such refreshing drinks that help protect your body from heat stroke in summer. Along with this, your digestive system also remains better. It is also very easy to make this tasty drink, so let's know how to make Masala Jeeru (How To Make Masala Jeeru).....


Ingredients required to make Masala Jeero-
cumin ¼ cup
Black pepper 10-12 coarsely crushed
Cloves 3-4 coarsely crushed
sugar ¾ cup
Ginger ½ inch (roughly chopped)
black salt as per taste
salt to taste
Chaat masala ¼ tsp
a pinch of red chilli powder
Lemon wedge 2
lemon 2 small
ice cubes as required
soda as needed


How to make Masala Jeero? (How To Make Masala Jeeru)
To make Masala Jeeru, first of all, put cumin seeds in a pan and roast them.
Then take out 1 teaspoon cumin seeds from it and keep it aside.
After this, put black pepper and cloves in the pan and fry them for about 1 minute.
Then add sugar, water and ginger to it and fry it well.
After this, put 1 teaspoon of separated cumin seeds in a mortar.
Then add black salt, white salt, chaat masala, red chilli powder and some sugar to it.
After this, grind all these things together coarsely.
Then filter the prepared mixture in a glass and take it out.
After this, apply lemon on top and add cumin spice.
Then add black salt, salt, chaat masala and squeeze lemon to it.
After this, add ice and soda to it and serve after mixing.