Stroke Early Sign: Blood vessels in the brain are getting blocked


Brain Stroke : Stroke is related to a disturbance in blood circulation in the brain. There are two reasons behind this - ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. In ischemic stroke, the veins of the brain get blocked due to which the right amount of blood does not reach it. Whereas, in hemorrhagic stroke, blood starts leaking in the brain.


Ischemic stroke is more common because it is related to high blood pressure, obesity, lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, and smoking. There is no doubt that stroke is fatal but if its symptoms are identified on time, then complete recovery is possible with treatment. 

5 early signs of a stroke

Difficulty speaking

Difficulty in speaking is a major sign of a stroke. If a person is unable to speak clearly or express his thoughts properly, then the reason for this may be due to a lack of blood in the brain.

Muscle weakness and paralysis

Due to stroke, the brain is not able to send signals to the body parts due to which the person becomes a victim of paralysis. Along with this, weakness is also felt in the muscles. Due to this there may be tingling in the hands and feet, and one side of the face may become numb.

Having trouble walking around

Stroke negatively affects a person's ability to walk. In such a situation, if a person is able to speak clearly but is facing difficulty in walking, then he may have a stroke. Because when the brain is not able to function properly, the body's balance starts deteriorating.

Trouble seeing

Difficulty in seeing is another sign of stroke. A stroke causes things to appear double or blurry. Although vision loss is a natural process with age, it takes months or years. But when eyesight deteriorates suddenly due to a stroke, it can be very difficult.   

severe headache

Sometimes severe headaches are a warning of a stroke. These headaches are usually more severe than other headaches. This headache can be accompanied by vomiting and nausea. Although most people ignore headaches thinking it to be a sign of dehydration or lack of sleep. But in reality, it can also be a sign of a brain attack.