Strange: MBBS doctor ate cow dung, many benefits counted on social media, video went viral


More than one video goes viral on social media. There are many great videos on the Internet, after watching which you will be surprised or you will not be able to stop your laughter. Now in the meantime a strange video is going viral on social media. After watching this video you will not believe that can any doctor do the same?


In this video of the doctor viral on social media, the benefits of cow dung have been counted. This video is becoming fiercely viral on the internet. In this video, a doctor can be seen eating cow dung. Along with this, this doctor has also told the benefits of cow dung. Users are commenting heavily on this video, while many people have questioned the doctor's claim.

It is being told that the name of the doctor seen in the viral video on social media is Manoj Mittal. Doctor Manoj Mittal has made many claims in this video. He said that drinking cow urine and eating cow dung can get rid of many serious diseases.


In a video viral on social media, it can be seen that Doctor Manoj Mittal picks up cow dung from the ground and eats it in front of the camera. While eating cow dung, he has enumerated its many benefits. He told that Panchagavya is obtained from the cow, each part of which is beneficial for human beings. He said that eating cow dung purifies our body and mind. Once we eat it, our soul becomes pure.

After the doctor's video went viral on social media, people have questioned his claim. Many people have put a question mark on the doctor's degree, while many people have agreed on the doctor's point of view.