Strange: Boss cannot call employees after office hours, strict law made in this country


Often people, even after going home from office, are troubled by the boss's phone calls and messages. At the same time, due to Corona in the last two years, the practice of work from home has increased significantly. In such a situation, complaints are also coming that people have to work for a long time. The work is done even after the office hours are over. In view of this problem of the people, now many countries have started making laws regarding work from home. One such country in the world is Portugal, which has enacted a new law. It has been declared illegal for the boss to call, message or email the employees after the office hours are over. Not only this, the boss will also get punishment for doing so.


Under new rules passed by Portugal's parliament, companies cannot call or email their employees not only after office hours but also during the weekend. If they do so, they will face punishment.

Electricity and internet bills will also have to be paid
Under this new law of Portugal, calling or messaging employees during work from home will be illegal, as well as companies will also have to pay electricity and internet bills etc. Not only this, according to the new rule, if the child of an employee is small, then he can work from home till the age of 8 years.


The rule will not apply to these companies
Small companies have been given relief in Portugal's new rule. According to this amendment in the country's labor laws, this rule will not apply to companies with less than ten employees. In Portugal, it is clearly stated that work from home does not mean that the company does not understand that the employees are at home and on leave. Due to more pressure during work from home, the health of the employees is deteriorating, they have started getting troubled by mental illnesses, so now after the end of office hours, if the boss sends them a message for work, the employees doing work from home. If so, it will be considered illegal and such boss will be sent to jail.

Regarding this new law, the Minister of Social Security of Portugal says that work from home has become a new reality during the Corona period. That is why this ordinance has been brought to make remote working easier. At the same time, he said that in the era of epidemic, new doors have been opened to fulfill the options of the people, but we also need to be careful about this.