Stop Hair Fall: Make this special oil at home to reduce hair fall quickly, there will be many benefits!


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Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. Be it, boys or girls, hair fall starts at an early age. The main reason for this is lack of nutrition. Due to lack of proper nutrition, hair becomes weak and thin from the roots and starts breaking. To make hair strong and thick, protein, calcium, and vitamin E are needed and all these nutrients can be obtained by applying oil to the hair. Applying almond oil to hair strengthens the hair and also stops hair fall. Along with this, hair growth also happens faster. If you want, you can also make almond oil at home.

Oil to reduce hair fall

It is very easy to make this essential oil of almond at home. This oil prevents hair fall and helps in making them strong, long, and thick. To make this oil you just need these three things-


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- 100 grams almonds

- 200 grams coconut oil

- 10-12 curry leaves


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How to make oil

To make this oil, grind almonds and make powder. Now put coconut oil in a pan and turn on the gas. Add almonds and curry leaves powder and boil. Cook coconut oil on low flame till its color becomes like almond. Just filter this oil with a sieve and keep it in a glass bottle.

Applying this oil to the hair roots at least thrice a week makes the hair thick and strong. Apart from this, hair growth also happens rapidly.