Stop eating these vegetables with ladyfinger immediately, otherwise these diseases can happen


We eat anything with any vegetable, but it can be harmful to our health. Let us know what should be eaten with ladyfinger vegetables and what should not be eaten. 


Bitter gourd

Although bitter gourd is very good for health, if it is eaten with ladyfinger, it can be life-threatening. Bitter gourd is very heavy and cold. If it is eaten with ladyfinger, the stomach will have to work hard to digest it. This can cause fatigue, weakness, or even stomach ache.


Eating radish in salad or its fried form causes gas in the stomach. This clears the dirt in the stomach. But if you eat it with ladyfinger, then gas will start forming in large quantities. Due to this, you may have gas problems and stomach aches.

red meat

Red meat is very heavy in itself. If it is eaten with ladyfinger, it can increase digestion problems in the body. Many people even get skin allergies. That is why ladyfinger should not be consumed with red meat.


People eat anything with tea. But tea should never be drunk before or after eating ladyfinger. Tea absorbs all the qualities of a ladyfinger. That is why the body is unable to get the nutrients of ladyfinger vegetables.  


Okra contains calcium and oxalate. Milk also contains a lot of calcium. If milk and okra are eaten together, then calcium and oxalate combine to form calcium oxalate. This can cause problems like pitta dosha, stomach stones, and kapha dosha.

According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains in detail what should be eaten with every meal. But we take this thing very lightly.


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