Steps to Register Covid-19 Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose - Register like this for Corona Vaccine Booster Dose, know who can get this dose


Steps to Register Covid-19 Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose - The process of applying Booster Dose of Coronavirus Vaccine has started. However, not everyone can afford it. This dosage is for select people only. Let's learn how to register.

The number of cases infected with Coronavirus is increasing in India. The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has also caught many people. In such a situation, people are being asked to get Corona Vaccine installed. Apart from the elderly and the youth, from the beginning of January, children have also started getting the vaccine in the country. Now, Covid-19 Booster Dose is being applied to fight this epidemic.

People above 60 years of age can get Precaution Dose or Booster Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine. Also, this dose is being given to those people who are working as frontline workers like health workers, nurses, doctors, etc.

It is not mandatory to register for Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Dose. You can directly get the booster dose done by visiting your nearest vaccination center. However, by registering, you will be able to easily get a designated slot for the dose. You go to the Cowin portal and follow the steps given below and register for it.

Who can register for Covid-19 Precaution Dose

Registered health care workers (HWCs), front-line workers (FLWs), or people above 60 years of age can get the Covid-19 booster dose. However, this dosage option will be available only to those who have received the second dose of the vaccine nine months or 39 weeks ago.

How to book a slot (Steps to Register Covid-19 Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose)

Let us inform you that the registration process for a booster dose has started on January 8 and the vaccination process has started on January 10.

For this go to the Cowin website.


Then click on the Book Your Slot option given in the Get Your Precaution Dose to section on the home page.


Now a new window will open in front of you. In this you have to enter your mobile number, an OTP will come on it.


Then click on the Get OTP option.

After login by entering OTP, a new window will open.

If you can get a dose, then click on the tab of Precaution Dose.

Now select the slot according to your convenience and location and click on Book Appointment.