Sore throat has bothered, so before taking medicines, try these things once


To keep the body warm in the cold winter and get relief from sore throat, today we will know about some such drinks which are easy to make and their effect is also visible immediately.

With the onset of winters, the problem of cold and sore throat starts bothering most people. In such a situation, drinking tea again and again, of course, gives some relief to the throat, but at the same time, the problem of acidity can also be disturbed by consuming too much tea. In such a situation, to get relief from these problems, you can also try these three home remedies, which are also beneficial in many other ways.

Besan molasses

Besan sheera is a very well-known and tried-and-tested recipe to get rid of everything from cold and sore throat.


For this, fry the gram flour in a nonstick pan till golden brown. Then slowly add milk to it so that no lumps form. After this add turmeric, cardamom powder, jaggery and cook for 5 minutes while stirring continuously. Serve it hot. Do consume it at least twice a day.

Spinach Salad

Consuming this salad in winter not only keeps you away from sore throat, cold, and cold but also keeps your body warm.


First of all, cook the mushrooms in a pan with a spoon of oil for a minute.

After this, add garlic, ginger, and fry till it becomes golden.

After removing it, add a little more oil and cook the spinach for a minute.

Now add mushrooms, golden browned ginger, garlic, lemon juice, and soy sauce to it.

For garnishing, put roasted white sesame seeds on top.

Serve hot. If you want, you can also put some cheese on top.


The decoction is considered to be the best remedy for sore throat. Which has been used not from today but for a long time for colds and colds. During the Corona period, people tried different types of decoctions to stay healthy, but the most beneficial is the decoction made from spices.


Put a cup of water in a pan and keep it to a boil. Now add cloves, carom seeds, ginger, basil, turmeric, cinnamon lightly crushed in it. Now cook it till the water is reduced to half. After all, add a pinch of salt and drink it hot. You will start feeling relief only by consuming it twice a day.