Somwar ke Upay: Buy these 5 things on Monday, Bholenath's blessings will always shower on you!



In Hinduism, each day is dedicated to a specific deity or celestial body. Similarly, Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the scriptures, buying certain items on special days is considered auspicious. For example, Saturday is associated with Shanidev and buying things like black gram, mustard oil, etc. on that day is considered auspicious. Similarly, purchasing certain items on Monday is believed to bring blessings of Lord Shiva and retain his blessings.

Monday is especially revered for Lord Shiva. On this day, people offer special prayers and observe a fast dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that offering special things to Lord Shiva on Monday pleases him, thereby fulfilling his wishes. Monday is not only related to Lord Shiva but also to the Moon (Chandra Dev). The nature of the Moon is considered cool and calm and the white color is associated with it. Therefore, wearing white clothes on Monday is considered auspicious, which is a symbol of peace and tranquillity.

What to buy on Monday?

Buying white-colored items on Monday is considered auspicious. White objects symbolize peace. You can buy things like rice, milk, curd, sugar etc. in white colour. It is believed that by offering these white items to Lord Shiva, you get his blessings and all your wishes are fulfilled.


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Buying white clothes on Monday is also considered auspicious. It is believed that wearing a white dress on this day brings immense blessings to Lord Shiva and removes all the sorrows. Also, buying an aquarium on Monday is considered very auspicious. It is believed that buying an aquarium on this day reduces the effects of planetary defects.

Apart from this, buying items related to iron on Monday is also considered auspicious. If you are planning to buy any utensils then Monday is considered the most auspicious day for this.


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What not to buy on Monday?

It is advised to avoid purchasing certain items on Monday, as these are believed to have a negative impact on a person's life. According to the scriptures, purchasing grains, flour, arts and crafts-related items, books, sports-related items, vehicles and electronic gadgets on Monday is considered inauspicious.