Solar eclipse: These things should not be done even by mistake during a solar eclipse, otherwise problems will increase!


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The first solar eclipse of the year 2024 is likely to occur on April 8 and its Sutak period will start 12 hours earlier. It is important for people to take some precautions during the solar eclipse, especially pregnant women should avoid some unintentional activities. Along with this, it is also important to pay attention to the specific period of Sutak related to the eclipse.

The first solar eclipse of 2024 Canada, Mexico, United States, Aruba, Bermuda, Caribbean Netherlands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominica, Greenland, Ireland, Iceland, Jamaica, Norway, Panama, Nicaragua, Russia, Puerto Rico, Will be visible in various parts of the world, including Saint Martin, Spain, Bahamas, United Kingdom and Venezuela.


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Activities to avoid during the eclipse:

Stay indoors: Avoid going outside during a solar eclipse and never view the eclipse directly with the naked eye.

Kitchen Activities: Any kitchen-related activities should be avoided during the eclipse, especially cooking.

Pregnant women: Pregnant women should not go out during the eclipse and should also avoid using needles or thread during this period.

Cutting: Avoid cutting, peeling or chopping anything during the eclipse.

Avoid disputes: Do not get involved in any debate or dispute during the eclipse, as it is believed that this angers the ancestors.

Temple Darshan: Avoid touching the idols in temples during the eclipse and avoid performing any religious rituals.

Mantra chanting: During the eclipse, chant Surya mantras loudly and concentrate on worshipping the Sun God. The mantra of Sun God is: 'Om Hram Hrim Hram Sah Suryay Namah.'


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Sutak period:

In Hindu religion, the Sutak period is considered inauspicious and one avoids doing auspicious work during this period. The sutak period starts 12 hours before the solar eclipse and ends with the end of the eclipse. During Sutak, along with the doors of the temple being closed, eating and drinking are also prohibited.