Solar Eclipse 2024: When and where will the first solar eclipse of the year take place? Know the date and time of Sutak!



Astronomical events like solar and lunar eclipses have special importance in our lives. According to astrology, changes in the position of celestial bodies bring changes not only in the universe but also in the destiny of a person. Four astronomical events will be seen in the year 2024, which include two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses. In this context, solar and lunar eclipses have immense importance.

First solar eclipse of 2024:

The first solar eclipse of 2024 is scheduled to occur on Monday, April 8, 2024. The timing of this solar eclipse is from 9:12 pm to 1:25 pm on April 8, which will last for a total of 4 hours and 39 minutes.

Sutak period of the first solar eclipse of the year:

According to the principles of astrology, the Sutak period of this solar eclipse will start on April 8 at 9:12 am. However, this solar eclipse will not be visible in India, hence its Sutak period will not be observed in the country.



Where will the first solar eclipse of the year be visible?

The solar eclipse occurring on April 8, 2024, will be visible in regions such as East Asia, Australia, the Pacific, the Atlantic Ocean, the North Pole, North America, South-Western Europe, South America, South Pole and the North Pole.

Precautions during solar eclipse:

It is advised not to go out during solar eclipse and not to view the eclipse directly with the naked eye. Pregnant women are advised not to go out during the eclipse. The effect of the eclipse on pregnancy is cited as a reason to avoid being on rooftops during this period. Following astrological principles, it is advisable to avoid directly looking at the solar eclipse. Additionally, activities like sewing and knitting should be avoided. Cutting nails is also prohibited during the eclipse. It is advised not to indulge in kitchen-related work like cooking during the eclipse.