Sneezing: Colon Falls Out From Body!


Colon Falls Out From Body: Sneezing is a natural process. It cannot be controlled. But sometimes due to its intensity, intestines can also come out of the stomach. In this article, you can learn about one such incident.


Everyone can digest the fact that food and water get stuck due to a sneeze. But it is very difficult to believe that intestines come out of the stomach due to a sneeze. But believe it or not, this has happened. This has happened to a 63-year-old man living in Florida.

He was eating with his wife in a restaurant. During this time he sneezed. And this sneeze was so strong that the intestine came out of the stomach. According to the Metro report, the man had recently undergone a stomach operation. After sneezing, he felt severe pain in his body and when he felt something wet, he lifted his shirt and found that several inches of the colon had come out of the surgical wound.

The doctor saved his life by doing surgery

Since there was no excessive bleeding and there was no injury or infection on the intestine that came out of the stomach, the doctors were successful in putting the intestine back inside the stomach through surgery.

Was undergoing treatment for colon cancer

According to media reports, the man had undergone surgery a few days ago during the treatment of colon cancer. But the doctor had said that the wound had healed completely.

This can happen to 3 people out of 100

The reopening of a surgical wound is called dehiscence. This problem occurs in about three in 100 people who have abdominal and pelvic surgery. However, it is slightly more common in elderly patients.