Smelly Feet Do your feet smell like sweat? So these home remedies will get rid of it immediately!



Foot odor is a common problem. Excessive sweating of the soles or repeated use of the same socks can lead to foul-smelling feet. This also spoils the impression. Foot odor is medically known as bromodosis. A little caution definitely pays off when it comes to warding off this problem. So, today we are going to tell you some such measures which will help you to get rid of the problem of bromodosis. Times Now has reported on this.

Bromodosis or smelly feet is a common medical problem. It is due to sweating that allows bacteria to grow on the skin. When this sweat gets trapped in your shoes or socks, it starts to smell bad. According to health experts, bromodosis does not occur only in hot weather or at a certain time, but your feet can sweat at any temperature and at any time of the day.

Main symptoms of bromodosis

- Tearing or peeling of feet.

White spots between your toes that itch.

Broken skin, which can bleed.

White-looking skin with small pits or holes on the soles of your feet.

According to some doctors, foot odor can also be caused by an infection like an athlete's foot. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, and recent organ transplants can also cause an athlete's foot.


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Do this remedy

Doctors are of the opinion that foot odor can be easily treated at home. So, let us find out what exactly these remedies are.

Choose sweat-wicking socks

If you want to wear shoes and socks in the summer, choose sweat-absorbing socks. Make sure to wear socks made of natural fibers like cotton.

Antibacterial soap

To reduce bacterial growth and keep your feet clean, use an antifungal or antibacterial soap.

Be careful with shoes

If you wear leather shoes, make sure to expose them to sunlight or open air daily. Avoid wearing the same shoes for two consecutive days. Also, wash the inside of the shoes at least once a week.

Take care of your feet

Exfoliate and moisturize the hard, dead skin of the feet. Soaking feet leaves the hard skin moist and soft, a favorite place for bacteria to live.

Soak your feet

If your feet smell bad, soak them in water to clean them. Mix one cup of rock salt and some apple cider vinegar in a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes once or twice a week. According to doctors, rock salt helps in removing moisture from your skin. Which makes it dry, as well as removes bacteria from it.

Keep feet dry

It is very important to keep the feet clean and dry in summer. You can apply talcum powder on your feet to get rid of wet or sweaty feet. Try antiperspirant before wearing shoes. Also, remove your shoes and socks as soon as you get home. If possible, use sandals to let the airflow.