Smartphone Tricks: You will know instantly who is calling you, and work will be done without looking at the phone screen..


How would it be if you knew who was calling you without looking at the screen as soon as the phone rang? This must surely sound a bit incomprehensible.

But we are not joking. Yes, if you use the Google Phone app on an Android phone, then you should also use a setting of your phone. Here we are talking about the Caller ID Announcement setting.


How does the Caller ID Announcement setting work?
This setting present on the Google Phone app tells you as soon as the phone rings which of your contacts is calling you.

If the Caller ID Announcement setting is enabled, then the announcement of the caller's name starts happening along with the ring. This announcement is made with the name of your contact which you have saved in the phone.

How to enable the Caller ID Announcement setting?
If you are using the Phone by Google app, then you can open the app directly. If you are not using this app, you can download it from the Play Store.

First of all, you have to open the Phone by Google app.

Now you have to click on the menu option on the top right corner.

Now you have to tap on Settings.


Now you have to tap on Caller ID Announcement in the Advanced option.

Now you can select any one of the two options Always, Only When Using A Headset.

After selecting the option, this setting gets enabled.

Note: Sometimes this announcement of the name of the contact in a public place or office can make you feel uncomfortable. In such a situation, it is advisable to use this setting as per your need and convenience.

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