Smartphone Tips: The touch-screen phone kept in the pocket should not turn on by itself, you will have to turn on this setting immediately..


Every second internet user is using a smartphone. While earlier the keypad phone was in vogue, now the use of touch-screen phones has become common.

However, with the full touch screen, the responsibility of keeping the phone safe has also increased. Slipping of the touch screen phone from the hand and damage to the screen are some of the common problems.


At the same time, keeping the phone in the pocket and not being in touch with gesture control is a different problem.

The phone kept in the pocket should not remain on

Has such a question ever come to your mind as to whether the touch screen phone works on its own while being in the pocket?

If yes, then this information is going to be useful for you. Do you know that users get the facility of pocket mode on Android phones?

What is the pocket mode in the phone?

Pocket mode in Android phones is a setting related to the lock screen. With this setting, the touch gesture of the phone can be controlled.

If you enable this mode in the lock screen setting, then the phone remains properly turned off even after being in the pocket. If the phone is accidentally left on during activities like walking or running, then it does not work on its own in the pocket.

How to enable pocket mode in the phone

Pocket mode can be checked with the lock screen setting in the phone. In this article, we are giving a step-by-step guide regarding this mode in the Xiaomi Redmi phone-

First of all, you have to go to the main settings of the phone.


Now you have to come to the Lock Screen option.

Now scroll down and see the option of Pocket Mode.

The toggle in front of this option has to be turned on.

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