Smartphone Tips: No one will be able to open the app without your permission, you just have to enable this setting..


There is a lot of such information in the smartphone, which if someone gets hold of it means your data is stolen. Similarly, there are some apps on the phone which we want to keep hidden from others.


But, users do not know the way to do this. If you want to hide apps in your Android smartphone, then for this you have to follow some easy steps.

Special features are available
Although this feature is built into most Android smartphones. But if your phone does not have this feature, then apps can be hidden through third-party apps. First, we are going to tell the settings for those people whose phones have this setting built.

Follow these steps (Xiaomi and Realme)
1. First of all go to the settings of the smartphone.

2. After this, the option of Hidden Apps will appear in Privacy and Security.

3. Here the list of all apps will be visible.

4. Turn on the toggle of the app you want to hide.

5. If you want to unhide an app again, disable the toggle.

Note- This is the method to enable it in most Android smartphones.


Through a third party app
Third-party apps can also be used to hide apps in the smartphone. Popular third-party applications like Nova, Apex, and Microsoft Launcher provide the facility of hiding. However, here users have to give many types of permissions. Therefore, third-party apps should be installed only after checking them thoroughly.

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