Smartphone Tips: If your Android phone is lost, you can save your data like this, know how here..


Losing your phone or having it stolen is bad news for anyone. The biggest reason for this is that it contains your data, which includes your contact and banking details. In such a situation, Android users do not need to panic, because there is a way through which you can secure your data.


Google brings an inbuilt feature called Find My Device to help you locate your lost phone, secure it, and even erase the data. Here we will tell you about its complete process.

Use Find My Device
Find My Device acts as your primary shield in protecting your data. It allows you to remotely track your phone's location, lock it, or erase the entire data if needed. However, this feature will need to be activated on your device first.

First, open your phone's settings.

Now go to Security or 'Google' according to the phone.

Here you may see an All Services tab; tap on it if available.

Now look for Find My Device and activate the corresponding toggle switch.


Once activated, you can use a web browser or another device to access Find My Device remotely.

All you need to do is visit and sign in with your Google account associated with the lost phone.

This interface shows all Android devices associated with your account, including watches and earbuds. Select your lost phone to track its location.

Please note that Find My Device relies on an active internet connection. If your phone is turned off, it will only show the last known location before it is powered down.

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