Smartphone Tips: Do this before selling your old smartphone, otherwise you may suffer a big loss...


Buying a new smartphone is indeed a difficult task and even more difficult is selling the old phone at a good price. In such a situation, if you want to sell your old smartphone at a good price after using it for a few years, then you will have to take care of some special things.


There are some security-related things which should be kept in mind. We are going to tell you some points which you must keep in mind while selling your old phone.

It is very important to backup data

A lot of our sensitive information is saved in old smartphones and in such a situation, if it goes to someone by mistake then the possibility of it being misused increases. In such a situation, data backup must be ensured before selling the phone. Google Drive can prove to be the right option for you for data backup.

Delete UPI apps

UPI payment has become an important part of life. We pay money at many places through the payment app present in the phone. Now in such a situation, if you are selling an old phone then it is very important to delete all the UPI apps before that. First, you should remove them from your bank account and then uninstall them.

Logout from a social media account

We have accounts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and X. Where many of our things are saved, which can cause harm if they fall into someone else's hands. In such a situation, it becomes most important that you logout from all the apps.

Reset the phone

The best option to delete everything at once is to backup the important data from the phone and reset it. By doing this you will secure yourself.


Sell phones through platforms like OLX

To sell your old smartphone, you can take the help of platforms like OLX. Sites like OLX and Quikr can get you a good price for your old phone. Apart from old phones, you can sell anything on these platforms.

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