Smartphone Tips: Stop these five tasks today, your smartphone's battery life will become longer...


Even though the battery capacity of the smartphone is high, some of your bad habits can spoil the battery quickly. Even the phone's battery may explode. Let us know which bad habits regarding smartphone batteries you should give up today.


Put the phone in the snow
When the phone gets too hot, sometimes the thought of keeping it on ice or in the fridge comes to our mind. But this can harm the phone's battery.

Charging the phone for a long time puts pressure on its battery. Therefore, it is better to remove the charger once the battery is charged. Experts also recommend charging the battery up to 95 percent instead of charging it 100 percent. At the same time, charging the battery repeatedly should also be avoided.

Ignore the heat
Exposing the battery to excessive heat can increase its pressure and reduce its lifespan. This is so dangerous that it can even cause battery fire. At the same time, during fast charging, the battery gets overheated, which can reduce its lifespan.

Use of heavy charger
To charge the phone quickly, we often think of using a charger with a higher volt. But this can also be quite dangerous. This puts stress on the battery and can cause damage. Therefore, use only chargers designed for the specific phone.


Using even after the battery is 0%
Running the battery until it is completely drained may reduce its lifespan. It is better that you keep the battery between 20-80%. Many people use it in power-saving mode after reaching 0 percent.

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