Smartphone Tips: Take care of your Smartphone screen on Holi, do clean like this...


The month of March has started. With this, everyone is waiting for a lot to make a splash in Holi. If you have also prepared for the colorful program of Holi, then you should also think about taking care of the smartphone screen.


The screen of the smartphone can be damaged by the color of Holi and water. Therefore, you must know some ways to clean the screen of the smartphone so that you do not have to regret it for the device later.

Sweet or viscosity of other food items
Due to dirty hands on the screen of the smartphone, fingers are left on it. Sometimes the sticky hands of sweets or other food items are applied on the screen of the smartphone.

In such a situation, the way to clean the screen of the smartphone should be known. Many smartphone users visit the store for protection and cleaning of their devices. However, this work can also be done at home.

Use microfiber cloth only
Usually, when the screen of the phone looks dirty, the user starts using old or dirty clothes on the screen. This is completely wrong, this causes scratches on the device. The screen of the smartphone should be cleaned only with a microfiber cloth. This cloth is soft, so there is no fear of scratches on the screen.

Apart from this, even if there is a more dirty stain on the screen, the pressure should be avoided on the screen. The screen of the device should be cleaned with a light hand or else there is a fear of cracking the screen.

Glass spray can be used
Lens cleaner can be used to clean the screen of the device. This cleaner can be sprinkled directly on the screen.

Also, you can apply it on the screen after spraying the cleaner on the cloth. If there is no cleaner for cleaning, then you can also work by spraying 1-2 drops of water. However, it is also necessary to take care of it.


Learn how to clean
Always use cloth in a circular motion to clean the phone screen. Direct cleaning on the screen of the device is afraid of being moisturized.