Smartphone Tips: Make these settings in your smartphone, otherwise you will regret it later...


In today's time, smartphones have become a necessity, and many tasks including payment can be done through smartphones. If you do not make some important settings in your smartphone, you may suffer huge losses. If you are going to buy a new smartphone or have just bought a new smartphone, then do not install any bloatware in it.


They can steal phone data. Never install any third-party app on the phone through any APK. Always download the app from the Play Store only. After purchasing a new phone, turn on the Play Protect setting in it. By doing this no virus will be able to enter the phone. Pay special attention to the app permissions on the phone.


Do not give any app access to the camera, gallery, and files unless necessary. Those taking the phone get updates from the company from time to time. In such a situation, always keep the phone with new updates, this reduces many types of risks. If you take care of all these settings then your new phone will be safe.

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