Smartphone Safety: If you want to protect your smartphone from damage, then do not make this mistake even in summer...

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The problem of smartphone overheating in summer puts most of the users in trouble. During this time, even the most expensive phones start heating up. Many times it happens that the phone stops working due to this reason.


In such a situation, users should take utmost care of certain things and should not make any mistakes. Here we are going to tell you some useful tricks to keep your phone safe.

Why does the problem of overheating occur?
There is no problem with overheating for the smartphone. This problem is seen due to continuous use of the phone for many hours. But its effect is seen a lot in the summer season. The phone starts heating up only after using it continuously for a few hours. Sometimes the phone shuts down due to overheating, which gives it a chance to cool down after restarting.

Take special care of these things
If you want the problem of overheating not to bother you in summer, then you should take utmost care of some special things. With this, the performance of the phone and other things will work smoothly.

Avoid keeping it in the pocket: To keep the smartphone safe from the problem of overheating, do not keep it in the pocket, because the pocket already gets a lot of heat. Therefore, you can keep the phone in the bag instead of the pocket.

Avoid excessive use: The biggest reason for the problem of overheating is to use it continuously for many hours. In such a situation, it is better for the safety of the phone if it is not used too much. Keeping the phone switched off for some time will reduce the problem of overheating to a great extent.

Avoid exposure to sunlight: Avoid keeping the phone in a place where there is a very hot environment. Especially one should avoid keeping and using the phone in sunlight. Exposure to strong sunlight can affect the hardware of the phone, which is enough to make you lose money.


Turn on airplane mode: If the smartphone has overheated, stop using it immediately turn on airplane mode, and keep it in a cool place. In case of overheating, gaming or heavy tasking should be stopped completely.

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