Smartphone Overheating Tips: Smartphones is overheating in summer, these remedies will help you..

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As the temperature rises in summer, incidents of overheating related to devices like air conditioners have come to the fore. In such a situation,

Smartphones are also not behind in this list. In such a situation, you need to take more care of your phone.


This is an important issue, especially for those users who spend most of their time outside. To keep your phone cool and prevent it from overheating, we are giving you some important tips, which can be useful for you.

Keep these things in mind

Close unnecessary apps

Apps running in the background can silently drain your battery and generate heat. Regularly close apps that you are not actively using.

Using the phone while charging

Also, avoid charging and using it simultaneously. Using your phone while plugged in can generate heat. Charge your phone when it is cool and not in use.

Remove the case
If your phone feels too hot, remove the case to cool it down. However, do not forget to put it back on for daily protection.

Stay out of direct sunlight
Keep your phone out of the sun. Direct sunlight acts like a heat lamp for your phone. Keep it in the shade whenever possible.

Update your software
Also, update your phone's software regularly from time to time. By doing this your phone ensures better performance and battery efficiency, which generates less heat.

Power saving mode
When your phone is not in use, turn on power-saving mode to reduce the strain and heat on the battery. This will make your phone's battery last longer.

Take care of the signal
Let us tell you that a weak signal can force your phone to use more capacity to maintain the connection, which can cause the phone to overheat. In such a situation, consider using airplane mode in areas with poor signal or move to a better network.


These are the last solutions
Factory reset

If none of the previously mentioned solutions are solving your problem, then it is possible that this problem is being caused by any software glitch. In such a case, you can consider factory resetting the phone. However, this will erase all your data, so take a backup of your phone beforehand.

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