Skin Type: Do you also not know your skin type? Identify it this way!


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It is very important that we understand our skin well and use the right skin care products accordingly. This helps in keeping our skin healthy and glowing.

You are right that it is very important to understand your skin and choose products accordingly. Below are some common skin types that you can identify based on your skin:

Know your skin type in this way

If you want to know your skin type, then wash your face with clean water and then apply some cream, and leave it. If the cream gets absorbed well into the skin then your skin is dry. But if the cream remains on the face for a long time and comes out with light sweat, then it is a sign of oily skin.



Along with this, you can also try another method. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry lightly with a towel. Then apply toner or moisturizer and leave it for an hour. Now pay attention to the skin. If your skin does not look oily or dry, then your skin is normal. If oil is visible on your face, especially on the T-zone, then understand that your skin is oily. Apart from this, if there is light oil on the face and also there is a feeling of dryness, then it means that you have combination skin. At the same time, if you often feel redness, itching, and irritation on your face after applying any kind of product or after skin care, then your skin is sensitive.