Skin Tag Removal: How to get rid of unsightly skin warts? Skin expert told one to one treatment


How To Remove Skin Tags: Skin tags or warts are usually on the skin of the elderly. However, these days these are also being seen in different parts of the body of the youth. Skin tags are called acrochordons in the medical term. These tags are red or light brown. Although skin tags are not harmful to health, they look ugly. Tags usually appear on areas such as the folds of the neck, armpits, back, chest and groin. The loose collagen fibres get trapped under the thick parts of the skin, which emerge on the skin in the form of warts. Let us know how to get rid of the skin tag.


According to a news website, a dermatologist told that home remedies to remove skin tags do not prove to be that successful. These can be removed in several ways, including over-the-counter creams and surgical procedures. Radiofrequency treatment is proven to be better for skin tags. In this, surgeons give heat through radiofrequency to burn the skin tag and stop the bleeding. Apart from this, there is another treatment known as cryosurgery. In cryosurgery, surgeons spray liquid nitrogen on the skin tag, so that the wart freezes and falls off the skin.

Skin tags can be removed in many ways
Electrosurgery/cauterization is performed using electric current. In this process, the heat of the current passes through the skin tag, due to which the warts are removed. After this surgery, scissors are used to cut the base of the tag. It is done under local anaesthesia and most importantly it is not suitable for people suffering from diabetes and people taking blood thinners. In this process, the surgeon ties the skin tag with a surgical thread, so that the blood supply to the wart stops. As a result, the tags dry up and fall off on their own within a day or two. Apart from this, there is also laser surgery, which removes the tag by heating it.


How to take care of yourself after the tags are removed
Removing skin tags is not a difficult task. However, after the removal of the tags, the skin should be kept dry and clean. If the doctor has put stitches, then you should follow the instructions given by him.