Skin Problems: If there is constant itching during monsoon then do not do this work!


There are many problems during monsoon. Many people also face skin-related problems in this season. Many people are troubled by the problem of itching, rash, and rashes on the skin. Changes in body temperature, increased humidity in the air, excessive sweating, lack of hygiene, and exposure to allergies or chemicals can cause skin problems in monsoons. Some measures can be very effective to prevent this. let's find out…

Use of soaps and chemicals

Skin problems often begin with itching and burning. Whenever such a problem starts, the first thing that should be done is to completely stop using chemical products like soaps, perfumes, deodorants, and body washes. Because chemicals can cause allergies.

Use of jewelry

Sometimes the metal from which the neck chain, necklace, or bracelets are made can cause skin problems when they come in contact with sweat. In such a situation, artificial jewelry should not be used if there is such a problem.


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Wear appropriate clothing

If you are suffering from skin-related problems then wear only cotton clothes. This dries the sweat and allows air to reach the skin. Avoid wearing synthetic or lace clothing. Always wear loose and suitable clothing.

Clothes and accessories should be kept separately

If you are being treated for skin problems, always keep your clothes and belongings separate. Wash things like towels, napkins, and underwear thoroughly.



Don't scratch it

If there is itching in the skin, then scratching should be avoided for a long time. So allergy and infection will not increase.