Skin Care: You will get relief from skin rashes and heat rash in summer, just try these home remedies!


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April has come and the weather has started getting quite hot. As the temperature increases, skin-related problems also start increasing. During the heat of summer, exposure to sunlight and sweat often results in rashes and skin irritation, which can be a common problem for both adults and children. So, as summers begin, you may see many advertisements for products claiming to relieve skin problems and refresh the skin. For now, you can get relief from rashes and skin irritation with some natural remedies.

Due to excessive sweating in summer, bacteria grow on the skin, which causes itching, rashes and burning sensation. So let us know how these skin problems can be avoided and provide relief through home remedies.

Benefits of sandalwood powder and multani mitti

Soak multani mitti in water as needed to prevent or get relief from rashes and irritation. After one and a half to two hours, take it out of the water add one tablespoon of sandalwood powder to it and mix well. You can use this pack on your entire body as well as your face. The cooling effect of multani mitti and sandalwood provides relief and helps to get rid of rashes and irritation. This pack is also effective in toning the skin and reducing pimples and blemishes.


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Antibacterial and antifungal properties in Neem

Neem is considered to be the most effective remedy to get rid of skin-related problems like boils, fungal infections, pimples, rashes and irritation because it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. To avoid rashes, you can take a bath with neem water daily. Apart from this, applying neem oil or neem leaf paste on the affected areas also provides relief.

Baking soda

If you have rashes, take two tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl and dissolve it in water. Apply this water to the area with rashes and leave it for some time. Then clean the skin with normal water. With this remedy, one gets relief within a day or two.


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These home remedies when used regularly can help you get rid of skin problems and enjoy the summer season without any hassle.