Skin Care Tips: Summer is coming, so make these changes in your skincare routine from now on!



An increase in temperature often causes the skin to produce excess oil, causing a sticky feeling. To deal with this, it is essential to use oil-free products that suit your skin type.

During the summer months, avoid heavy makeup, especially heavy foundations and creams. Instead, opt for mild cosmetic products to keep your skin healthy.



Consider using light skin care products such as gel-based cleansers, serums, and water-based moisturizers during the summer season. These help prevent stickiness on the face in hot weather.

In the summer season, it is important to use toner to keep your skin hydrated and maintain freshness on the face. For best results, choose toner according to your skin colour.



Make sure you stay hydrated during summer by drinking adequate amounts of water. Many people drink less water during winter, but with the onset of summer, maintaining proper hydration becomes essential for glowing skin and overall health.