Skin Care Tips: Know this important thing before applying ice on the face, otherwise the whole face may get spoiled


Disadvantages of Icing: Some women do facials at home for a glow on the face. Applying many household products on the face also maintains a glow and does not cause side effects. This includes Ice Facials. Many big celebrities and experts also recommend facials with ice. It has many benefits but do you know that sometimes ice facials are also harmful (Disadvantages of Icing)? Many of its side effects can also be seen.


Expert opinion on ice facial
Dermatologist Dr Ankur Serin has told in his Instagram post that there is very simple science that when you apply cold things on your face, the blood vessels shrink. It reduces puffiness, hides dark circles, shrinks pores and rejuvenates the skin. But if you are going to start ice facials, then you should also know that it can also have the opposite effect.

Blisters may appear on the skin
Applying too many cold things to the skin can cause blisters. These can kill your skin cells. it makes your whole face
Or the skin may get damaged. That's why ice on the skin can also cause harm.

Avoid applying ice on sensitive skin
If your skin is sensitive, do not use ice even by mistake. This can damage your skin cells. Sensitive skin cells are very delicate. In this case, rubbing ice can break the cells. Due to this swelling can also occur on the face and the whole face can become red. Therefore, whenever you apply ice on a sensitive face, use it only after wrapping it in a clean cloth.

Ice can damage the skin
If you apply ice on the face for a long time, then the face may turn red and it may swell. Due to this, your skin can also get dry and damaged. That's why ice should not be applied for a long time.

Acne, and wrinkles have a temporary solution
Many people must have heard that applying ice on the face ends acne, wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes, but this is not entirely true. Ice only fixes the face temporarily and makes it appear stiff for some time but in the long run, it does not affect the problems. You can make ice a part of the skincare routine but it does not work in the treatment of the skin.

If you have a sinus-migraine, do not apply ice even by mistake
If you are troubled by sinus or migraine, never forget to rub ice on your face. Because of this the pain can increase even more. Sinus and migraine can cause a lot of problems by applying ice.