Skin Care Tips: Get rid of the problem of chapped lips with this home remedy!


With changing weather, people have to face the problem of chapped lips. Along with cold and hot air, sunlight is also the reason for chapped lips. Today we are going to tell you a home remedy to get rid of the problem of chapped lips. You can overcome this problem with homemade lip mask.

To make this, you have to use one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon aloe vera gel, one teaspoon coconut oil and half a piece of raw turmeric. Roast raw turmeric on low flame on gas and grate it. Now heat coconut oil and add grated turmeric to it. After this add honey and aloe vera gel to it. In this way your lip mask is made.


Now you have to scrub the lips before using it. Do scrubbing with sugar and lemon juice. After this, apply the lip mask for 15 minutes. After this, clean your lips in lukewarm water. You will get benefit from this.

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