Skin Care Tips: Cow's ghee removes the burning sensation caused by Holi colors, use this way


The Holi festival is going to come after two days. On the second day of Holi, people celebrate this festival with fun, colors, and gulal. However, due to chemical colors, the skin has to suffer. This is the reason why many people get allergic to the colors of Holi.

You can use ghee to avoid the irritation caused by Holi colors on the skin. You can use ghee if you feel any problem or irritation on the skin after playing Holi with colors.


Wash the place where you are burning with the colors of Holi and apply cow's ghee to that place. After this, massage this place with light hands. By doing this you will get rid of the burning sensation. Cow's ghee is beneficial not only for the skin but also for health.