Skin Care: This face pack will remove dead skin from the face the first time, use it like this!



When dead skin accumulates, the face starts looking dull and lifeless. Often the face becomes so dry that problems like pimples and acne start occurring. To get rid of these problems, people resort to various expensive treatments and beauty products. However, facial packs made from natural ingredients can provide relief from these problems and also improve the skin texture.

Excessive dryness or accumulation of dead skin cells on the face can be caused by factors such as improper diet, inadequate water intake and excessive exposure to dust and dirt. To keep the skin healthy for a long time, one should eat a good diet and drink plenty of water. For now, if you are troubled by these skin problems, then let us know about a facial pack that will give you results the first time you apply it.

What materials will you need?

To remove dead skin, you will need one spoon of rice flour, half a spoon of coffee powder, potato juice, tomato juice and aloe vera gel.



How to make and apply facial pack:

Take rice flour in a small bowl and mix all the other ingredients in it. Mix well to prepare a smooth paste that can be easily applied to your skin. Apply this facial pack from your face to your neck. If you want, you can also use this pack on your hands and feet.

How to remove the facial pack:

After about 10 to 15 minutes, when the facial pack is about 75% dry, wet your hands with some water or rose water and gently pat your face. To remove dead skin, massage gently in a circular motion. Now, wash your face with plain water or use a wet sponge to clean it. Then apply a good moisturizer. You can use this facial pack twice a week.