Skin Care: The glow of your face will remain intact even in summer, just try these Korean beauty hacks!



The skin loses its glow not only due to harsh sunlight but also due to heat during summer. The skin color begins to darken and once tanning begins, it is not easy to bring it back to normal. In the summer season, along with pollution and lack of care, the skin also becomes dry and lifeless and this makes skin repair challenging. Therefore summer is considered the worst season for the skin. While melanin plays a role in determining our skin colour, UV rays and sun exposure can damage it. Korean beauty style has gained popularity in India, with both men and women adopting it to get glowing skin.

Even in summer, you can get glass-like skin by trying some Korean beauty hacks. It's straightforward to incorporate these hacks into your daily routine. Let's learn about some Korean beauty hacks that have minimal harm and can give the best results.

Rice Water Remedy

Korean beauty is praised all over the world and Indian women also like to follow this trend. This includes beauty treatments as well as home remedies. Rice water is one ingredient that is used. The National Institutes of Health believes that using rice water improves collagen production in the skin. To get Korean beauty, you have to ferment rice. After 2-3 days, apply this water on your skin as a toner.



Yuzu Lemon Mask

In Korea, there are many products containing yuzu lemon. These are included in beauty products and can be easily purchased in the country. It nourishes the skin and helps prevent premature ageing. You can mix yuzu lemon with yoghurt and strawberries to make a paste. By using this mask your skin will glow and look healthy.

Night Skin Care:

Apply a face mask twice a week. For regular night skin care, follow a cleansing and moisturizing routine. Aloe vera gel can be helpful for overnight face masks. Apply aloe vera gel on your face before sleeping twice a week. It helps in skin repair overnight and also improves blood circulation.


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Double Cleansing:

Most people use face wash or other products to clean their face. However, double cleansing is recommended in Korea. First, clean your face with a cleansing product, then remove the dirt with face wash. Follow this process only once a day as excessive use can dry out the skin.