Skin Care Mistakes: These mistakes made in the skin care routine can be costly for the skin, click to know!



Exposure to sunlight can cause tanning of the skin, while pollution and the presence of oil on the face can cause acne. With the changing seasons and the heat of the season, skin can become oily and extremely dry. For this people adopt a skin care routine. Use many types of products and also adopt many home remedies.

However, people often make many mistakes when it comes to skincare that can potentially harm their skin. Let's explore some of these errors:


Many people ignore applying sunscreen before going out in the sun and even if they do, they do not have proper knowledge of how to apply it and which parts of the body need protection. It is important to know when and how to apply sunscreen and which SPF (sun protection factor) is appropriate for different times of the day. Physical and chemical sunscreens have different guidelines, physical sunscreen is applied last after makeup and chemical sunscreen is applied before makeup.


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Avoid scrubbing in the morning:

Some people scrub their skin in the morning to get a fresh look, but this is not right. While a scrub may give a temporary look and fresh skin, it can remove the protective layer of dead skin cells and allow UV rays to penetrate the skin. This may reduce the effectiveness of the skin's defense mechanisms when exposed to sunlight.

Different skin cleanser:

Using the same type of cleanser throughout the year may not be suitable for all seasons. In hot weather, the skin may require more cleansing and exfoliation, while during cooler months, the normal exfoliation process may suffice. Adjusting skin care products based on seasonal needs is essential to maintaining a balanced routine.


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Constantly changing products:

Constantly changing skin care products can be harmful. It is important to adopt products that are suitable for your skin rather than experimenting with new ones regularly. Repeatedly introducing new products may cause skin damage or allergies.