Skin Care: Make orange peel off mask at home, it will remove the layer of dirt on the face


How To Make Orange Peel Off Mask: Orange is a juicy and sour fruit which is rich in a good amount of Vitamin C. That's why orange is considered best for both your health and skin. That's why you easily find orange in every beauty product. In such a situation, today we have brought you the method of making orange peel masks at home. Orange helps remove the marks of pimples and spots present on your face. With this, you get rid of blackheads and dirt accumulated on the face. Not only this, orange slows down the signs of ageing on the face as well as improves your complexion, so let's know how to make Orange Peel Off Mask.....


Ingredients needed to make orange peel-off mask-
Orange juice 4 tbsp
unflavored gelatin 2 teaspoons


How to make Orange Peel Off Mask? (How To Make Orange Peel Off Mask)
To make an orange peel-off mask, first of all, take 1 orange.
Then you peel it and put it in the mixie and grind it to extract the juice.
After this, put 4 spoons of orange juice in the double boiler.
Along with this, add 2 spoons of unflavored gelatin to it.
Then let the gelatin melt well so that the orange juice mixes well.
After this, leave this mixture to cool down for a while.
Now your homemade orange peel-off mask is ready for deep cleansing.