Skin Care: If your skin has turned red due to Holi then apply these things, you will get immediate relief!



The festival of Holi brings happiness to everyone and during this time everyone applies colours to each other. But this colour contains many chemicals which can harm the skin. However, these colours are so deep that it becomes very difficult to remove them from the skin. Because they contain chemicals, they also harm the skin. In such a situation, if you try to remove the colour from the skin, it causes irritation on the skin. In such a situation, you can give relief to the skin through some things.

During Holi, you should try to play with colours that do not harm your skin. However, it is often difficult to avoid colours completely. You can adopt some tips to get relief from rashes, redness and irritation on the skin after playing Holi.

Coconut oil or desi ghee:

After removing the colour, massage your face with coconut oil or desi ghee. This will give you a lot of relief from rashes and irritation caused by colours. Plus, it will hydrate your skin and prevent dryness.


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Aloe Vera:

Most people know about the benefits of Aloe Vera for the skin. If you feel itching or redness on the skin after removing the colour, apply fresh aloe vera gel. This will give you immediate relief from irritation and reduce redness.

Curd and gram flour:

If you feel irritation on the skin after removing the colour, then make a smooth paste of gram flour, curd and aloe vera gel. Leave it for some time and then when it dries 75 to 80 per cent, wash your skin with plain water. This will reduce redness, and itching and the remaining colour will be removed from the skin and the skin will become soft.



Cold Compress:

If you have irritation, pimples or itching on your face after removing colour, then cold compress can provide you a lot of relief. For this, you can take an ice pack or put a piece of ice in a cloth and apply it to the affected area.