Skin Care: Banana peel will bring an amazing glow to the face, use it like this!



People often spend a lot on expensive beauty products and cosmetic treatments to deal with skin problems, which can lead to high costs as well as many side effects. On the other hand, natural remedies are not only economical but also free from harmful effects. For example, banana peels provide benefits for both your health and skin.

Massage your face with banana peels

Banana peel contains fibre, iron, calcium, vitamin B6, B12, zinc, magnesium and various antioxidants which help make the skin glow again. You can use the inner part of the banana peel to massage your skin. It not only works as a deep cleanser but also makes your skin soft and glowing.


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Mix banana peel with honey.

You can apply honey on the inner side of the banana peel and massage your face in a circular motion for about 8 to 10 minutes. Leave it on for the next 20 minutes and then wash your face. It helps in getting a natural glow and also helps in reducing blemishes and fine lines.

Glow on hands and feet:

Many people face the problem of darkening the skin of fingers, elbows and knees. Banana peels can also help in dealing with this problem. For this, mix a pinch of turmeric and a little sugar in the inner part of the banana peel and massage the affected area in a circular motion. It helps in removing dead skin cells, due to which the darkness of the skin gradually reduces.


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Make a skincare mask with banana peels:

First of all, take two banana peels and grind them well in the mixer. Then add half a cup of oats, two to three tablespoons of sugar, a little turmeric and honey and prepare a well-mixed mixture. Apply this mask on your face, hands and feet. After massaging for some time, wash it and moisturize it.