Simcard Verification: Now police verification will be necessary for SIM cards, not doing so will be punished!


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In today's era, it is difficult to live without a smartphone. And the SIM card is its soul. It is impossible to use a smartphone without a SIM card. But many types of frauds have come to the fore through this SIM card. Many such cases have come to light in the police investigation that after the fraud of lakhs of rupees, the person with the SIM card is not present in the investigation. Therefore, to save people from cheating through SIM cards, the central government has taken a strict step in SIM card verification. It will now be mandatory for SIM card vendors to get police verification done.

The dealer from whom you buy the SIM card must have police verification. Moreover, big action will be taken on selling SIM cards without verification. The government has so far blacklisted 67000 sim vendors. Union Minister Ashwin Vaishnav has taken strict steps regarding SIM card verification.


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How will the sim card verification happen?

Union Minister Vaishnav said, "Whatsapp has closed 66,000 accounts so far. There is an allegation of fraud through these accounts. 52 lakh mobile connections have been closed. Along with this, 67 thousand dealers have been blacklisted. Along with this, a case has been registered against 300 people. If the police verification is not done, then the SIM card seller can be fined up to 10 lakhs and there can be a possibility of going to jail.

On the other hand, the facility of giving bulk SIM connections to companies has been stopped. Now the corporate customer will have to do KYC while issuing the SIM. Current wholesale systems require companies to maintain records of individual members.


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One Aadhaar card used to support 658 SIM cards

The case of SIM card fraud is getting exposed day by day in the country. The police had solved this case recently. 658 SIM cards were taken through a single Aadhaar card. This sim card was also used. On the other hand, it has been revealed that more than 100 SIM cards have been issued on the Aadhaar card of a person in Tamil Nadu.