Signs showing you eat too much carbs: - These symptoms are seen in the body due to consuming too many carbs


Carbs are often considered bad. Health-conscious people often stay away from carbs, even though it is a macronutrient. This means that apart from protein and fat, the body also needs carbs. Along with providing energy to the body, it helps maintain the system. However, excess of anything causes damage. The same is the case with carbs. When you consume more carbs than required, it may cause some negative changes in your body. 

Carbs are not bad, the only problem lies in two things – firstly the kind of carbs you are eating and secondly the quantity of carbs you are eating. If you include simple carbs in your daily diet and consume them in excess quantity then it can cause a lot of harm. So, today in this article, RituPuri, Dietitian of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you what harm can be caused to you by taking too many carbs-

Feeling bloated

If you consume too many carbs, it makes your body feel bloated. This happens because carbs naturally bind with water in your body. For example, your body holds about three grams of water for every gram of carb you consume. Therefore, after eating a carb-rich meal, excess water gets stored in your body and as a result, you look and feel bloated.

Feeling lethargic or tired

Carbs are generally considered a source of energy. But if you have just eaten food and felt like taking a nap immediately after, it could be due to your excess carbs intake. This happens because consuming too many carbs increases your blood sugar level, causing your body to lack energy. Due to this, you may feel lethargic or tired.

Having a headache

People who regularly consume excess carbs may often suffer from headaches. This is because when you eat high-carb food items like white bread or pasta, it can increase your blood sugar levelDue to this, you may have to face the complaint of headache later.

Having mood swings

If you always have mood swings, it could also be because of your food. Sometimes food also affects your mood. Maybe you will feel better after eating ice cream. This can make you feel energetic. This happens because carbs are converted into sugar, which provides energy to the body for a short period. However, a sugar rush a few hours after eating can cause an emotional crash, leaving you feeling irritable.

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