Signs of Heart Attack: You can see these signs in the beginning due to heart disease, do not forget to ignore them


Symptoms of Heart Attack: The symptoms of heart disease can make a person weak from the inside as such a person experiences tightness in the chest or difficulty in breathing. There has been an increase in the number of people coming to hospitals for heart ailments, including people of all ages. Heart disease kills more than 17 million people in the world and one-fifth of these are from India. Heart diseases can be of many types- Heart attack Each of these patients poses a threat to life and needs attention. When it comes to treating heart disease, there are some early symptoms to be aware of.


Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore
A heart attack begins early and sometimes one's warning symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, pain and weakness in the arm and/or shoulder. These symptoms can occur a few days, weeks or even hours earlier. Other symptoms to watch out for include neck stiffness, shoulder pain, indigestion, tiredness, clammy skin and cold sweats. It is important to take anxiety, palpitations and shortness of breath seriously.

Watch for these symptoms
The symptoms of heart disease are the same for both men and women but some symptoms may change due to physical differences.

Heart attacks are known to be more fatal for women than men and it is more challenging for women to recover from a stroke or heart attack.

Just as men are more at risk of heart attack, similarly a woman is at risk of heart disease. Conditions like PCOD, diabetes, pregnancy and endometriosis can increase the chances of high blood pressure and stroke.


Men may experience chest pain, sweating, and indigestion as symptoms of a heart attack, while women may experience unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath, jaw pain, back pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbances. Is.

Smoking can put both men and women at risk of heart attack, but women who smoke are at a higher risk of heart attack and may develop the condition sooner than men.