Side Effects of High Heels: If you are fond of wearing high heels, then know its side effects.


High Heels Side Effects: Wearing high heels for hours puts constant pressure on the muscles, bones, and tissues of the feet and ankles, due to which there is pain or sudden injury in the feet. Sometimes, when the problem increases, even surgery comes.

Wearing high heels shoes and slippers is not only a hobby of women but is also a way to enhance their personality. Heeled shoes and slippers are not just limited to models and actresses walking the red carpet, but today's girls are also crazy about high heels. To look tall and beautiful, girls like to wear high heels for parties, shopping and even going to the office.

Of course, high heels make your gait attractive, but the side effects are many. Wearing high heels for hours puts a constant strain on the muscles, bones, and tissues of the feet and ankles, leading to pain or sudden injury. Sometimes the problem increases so much that even surgery is required. If you are also fond of wearing pumps, stilettos, and high heels, then definitely know its side effects. Complaints of pain in feet:

If you wear high heels, you may have back and back pain. High heels can cause a lot of muscle strain. The pressure on your ankles, knees, and hips can increase the risk of cervical. High heels also damage the spinal cord.

Arch Strain:

The unnatural position of the high heel stresses the arch of the foot and causes the foot to become somewhat crooked compared to normal. Wearing high heels for a long time causes so much pain in the feet that it is difficult to stand barefoot. There is a strain in the muscles of the feet and there is also a complaint of pain in the toes.

There is a complaint of pain in the knee:

Wearing high-heeled sandals puts extra pressure on your spinal cord, which also affects your knees. People who wear high heels continuously also complain of knee pain.

Risk of fracture:

According to experts, there is a risk of breaking the bones of the feet due to wearing high heels daily. High heels put extra pressure on the bones of the hips, waist, and toes of the feet. Due to poor posture, they tend to crack and due to this, the risk of their breakage also increases greatly.