Should you apply a Multani mitti on your face to remove the color of Holi? Know how right this decision


Before playing Holi, you take care of your face and before playing Holi, you use similar things on the skin, many times the color of Holi causes pimples and many infections on the face, but many times you use several methods to remove the color. They do different types of remedies but have you ever heard about Multani Mitti, many times people say that it is okay to apply Multani Mitti to remove the color.

multani mitti

Should the soil be applied directly?

If you want to apply multani mitti on the face, then you should know that it is not right to apply multani mitti directly on the face. Should also avoid using soap directly on the mouth

multani mitti

What are the benefits of a multani mitti pack?

Multani mitti pack in any way removes the problem related to the skin. It is also very beneficial for the stomach and in case of heat, you can apply it on the body as well, it gives coolness and removes rashes on the skin. Mud packs can be applied all over the body and are very economical.