Shocking and Rochak Facts: 15 Interesting Facts From Around The World


Siberian bears sometimes dig up carcasses for food and use cemeteries as 'refrigerators'.

You don't need a rollercoaster to get your brain running. This is a miracle of nature. The mind starts pointing towards what a person likes. To trick the mind, you need to tell some strange facts, not drugs. Today we have brought you some such mind-boggling facts from around the world, which you will be surprised to hear. Do not believe, read once and see, it will be well known that what is called curd of the brain.

1- When rabbits are under stress, they start eating their newborn babies.  

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2- At the time of landing, 'Apollo 11' had only 15-20 seconds of fuel left.


Source: Pulitzer

3- The human skeleton appears dry, but in reality it is wet. 


Source: verywellhealth

4- Do you know that the adult teeth of children are just below their eyes. 


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5- You know that it takes less time to say World Wide Web than to say WWW.  


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6- Do you know that barcode scanners scan the black part, not the white part. 


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7- It is said that a person crosses an average of 36 killers in his lifetime. 


Source: Buzzfeed

8- Do you know that butterflies are known to drink blood, not the juice of flowers. 


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9- About 85% of women with disabilities have gone through sexual abuse before the age of 18. 


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10- More than 50% of commercial pilots have admitted that they fall asleep while flying.


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11- The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) allows small amounts of rat potty in 'candy bars'.


Source: wildliferemovalusa

12- During World War II, Japan bombarded China with fleas infected with bubonic plague.


Source: Wikipedia

13- Dogs love squeaky toys because it reminds them of a small animal being beaten.


Source: petmd

14- There are more than 200 corpses on Mount Everest and they are used as a path for climbers. 


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15- Human beings are most happy at the age of 21, after that they are not able to be so happy again in their lifetime. 


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There is also a fact: Shakeel Afridi, the doctor who helped locate Osama bin Laden, who lives in the huge mansion of Abbottabad, Pakistan, is currently in jail. Shakeel has been charged with treason by the Pakistan government for helping the US military.