Shani's Sadesati: Do not do these things even by mistake during Shani's Sadesati, Shani will get angry!


Shanidev: Shanidev is called the god of justice. Shani gives results to every one according to his deeds. Saturn's Sade Sati is the most painful in Shani Dosh.
During Shani's Sadesati, a person has to face many problems.

Sadesati of Saturn is a planetary dasha that lasts for seven and a half years and has three phases. shani is the slowest moving planet among all the planets. shani takes two and a half years to move from one zodiac sign to another. During Saturn's Sadesati, a person has to take care of many things.

People who have heavy Shani in their horoscope or the position of Shani is weak have to face many problems due to Sade Sati.

One should avoid doing any risky work during Shani's Sadesati. One should avoid arguing with anyone at home or the workplace without any reason. Always be careful while driving.

Habits like lying, cheating, stealing, harassing others, and earning money through wrong means should be avoided.

People who are under the influence of Shani's SadeSati should not travel alone at night. Avoid buying black clothes or leather items on both these days.

To avoid the inauspicious effects of Shani, reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily is considered very useful.