Sexual Wellness: Women must do these 3 things after a sexual relationship, this will protect them from infections


Although today we are progressing in every aspect, still there are many issues which are not talked about openly in our society even today. Women shy away from talking to their partners about sexual relations, sexual hygiene and the problems they face during this period. But this is wrong. Women's sexual pleasure is not often talked about. This is the reason why women remain very confused about this. Many women experience a burning sensation during sexual intercourse or bleeding or some other problems after it.

Some women also become victims of infections after sexual intercourse. In such a situation, experts are giving information about how to avoid them. During intercourse, after having a physical relationship, women must do 3 things to avoid infections and keep the vagina healthy. DrAditiBedi is giving information about this. She is a Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician.

Must pass urine after intercourse

Many times bacteria enter the vagina of women during sexual intercourse. In such a situation, if any bacteria has reached the vaginal tract, then the bacteria may come out by passing urine. Apart from this, it is important to use condoms to avoid both STIs and UTIs.

Drink plenty of water

Drink an adequate amount of water after sexual relations. Hydration. It is very important before and after sexual relations. This will reduce fatigue and the body will also get energy.

Clean the vagina thoroughly

After physical relations, women should clean the vagina thoroughly with an intimate wipe. Starting at the vaginal opening, move the tissue backward and clean the entire area thoroughly. This will help in preventing infection.

Women need to take care of these things related to sexual hygiene. 

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