Sex Life: Are women still stuck in the old way of thinking about sex? Know what health experts say


Women still lag in expressing sex-related problems
Health experts who solve problems related to sex say that there is still a vast difference between the thinking of men and women regarding sex. While 70 per cent of men come with their problems, only 30 per cent of women reach the hospital.


Men and women both confused about orgasm
However, the most common problem in both is excitement about sex. Most men face arousal-related problems. Those same women feel difficulty in reaching extreme happiness ie Pleasure Point. But it is also true that today the experiments regarding sex have increased.

Women have also become demanding in bed
In the age of the internet, along with men, women have also started watching adult movies. She has started opening up with her partner on the bed. Many women have even become demanding for the position.

Experiencing pain after 45
Women face pain during sex. Women over the age of 45 start losing interest in sex. Because she starts experiencing pain during sex. The reason behind this is the lack of lubricant. Lubrication starts decreasing in the vagina. Health experts say that for this there are many lubricants available in the market which can be used during sexual intercourse.


Wrong thinking about masturbation
According to the sexologist, even though our thinking is progressing a lot. But sex is still a taboo subject. Our thinking about masturbation is still that it brings weakness. This causes disease. Most women don't even know how to masturbate. While the truth is that masturbation is normal, it is not a disease. This is a natural process for both men and women.